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Madonna slams Instagram, says app is ‘designed to make you feel bad

Madonna says all modern music ‘sounds the same’

Madonna wasn’t shy this week when expressing her qualms with Instagram and social media generally.
In an interview with The Sun, the international pop star — who recently released her 14th studio album titled “Madame X” — slammed the photo-sharing platform, saying it’s “made to make you feel bad.”

“You get caught up in comparing yourself to others. ‘Should I be like that, act like that, look like that?’ ‘Will that make me more fashionable, or more successful?’ people are a slave to winning others’ approvals,” she said. “I refuse to bend a knee to convention and what society expects of me as a lady.”

The “Material Girl” singer, 60, went on to mention she was “lucky enough to have a life as an artist before the cell phone and Instagram and social media” because, she said, she had “time to develop as an artist and a personality’s without feeling the pressure of judgment of others or comparing myself to other people.”

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Instagram followers free no human verification

Social media is a fantastic world for friends, business, or to network. There are numerous potential ways you can promote yourself or your business on social media! The only drawback is that you absolutely have to have followers to promote to. If you don’t have any followers, you won’t have anyone to see your posts or share them to their friends. There’s an issue when you first start an account on social media website like Instagram; it’s so exhausting to get lots of followers. You either gain them very quickly, which is rare and you have to be super lucky, or you stay in a state of being follower-less. If you’re like most businesses or individuals, you’re most likely the second one. Did you know there’s a way out of this depressing spiral? You can actually get Instagram followers free no human verification without any issues.

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Instagram ads: how to find your ‘interests’, according to Instagram – the results may be wildly wrong.

Have you ever questioned how Instagram decides what to advertise to you on your feed?

You can simply find out Instagram thinks your interests are – but be warned, the results may be wildly off base.

How to find out?

When you’re on the Instagram app you’ll need to:
Open your setting which can be found by tapping on the 3 horizontal lines on the top right of your profile, settings will be on the bottom of this menu after selecting settings, you’ll need to open the ‘security’ tab inside the security tab, open the ‘access data’ option under the data and history category Scroll to the very bottom and you’ll see the ‘ads’ option which lets you view your ads interests.
Now you can see what Instagram thinks you’re interested in – however according to lots of people, the results are pretty inaccurate.

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Facebook’s new Study app pays users for their information.

Facebook on Tuesday announced a brand new app that will let the company collect information on how individuals use their smartphones in exchange for money.

The new app is named Study, and it’s designed to give Facebook information on what apps participants install, how much time they spend on those apps, what features they use on those apps, what country they’re in, and kind of device and network they’re using.
Facebook has a long history of using apps to gather information concerning usage habits in order to improve its own products.

In 2013, Facebook bought a free security app called Onavo, which let users access a virtual private network, or VPN, to browse the web and download apps with a bigger degree of privacy. Facebook used information from Onavo to collect broad information concerning which apps were popular and how people were using them, which it used to improve its own products, however claims it didn’t collect information about individual users.

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